21 Guns by Green Day // 22 by Taylor Swift


This is pretty boppin’! I even kept the Green Day guitar solo, but I had to break out the moog to better fit the mood. B)

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you’re hired


you’re hired

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Watching Pokémon on Saturday mornings as a kid

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just let me slip into something more…. spaghetti.


just let me slip into something more…. spaghetti.

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Me and Stuart also fucked up alot while trying to make it.


The fattest of rabbits!!!!!

Me and Stewie sing Scottish versions of your favourite songs.

Me and Stewie watch scary things.

All by myself this time.

So I Vlog now.
That’s a thing.


This post is funnier than the entirety of season 9.

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I will never not laugh at this pun

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Why I will never fly with British Airways again

So I’m ridiculously mad right now and British Airways are to blame.

Here’s why.

I sent them this email stating my problems.

"When I landed in Boston I originally planned to stay until May 26th. Upon my arrival I was told that since I was staying in America under the Visa Waiver program that I could only stay 90 days and my return date was past my cut off date. 
I was forced to change my return flight to the 2nd of May. 
I was told that I would have to pay £100 for this change at the airport on my return day. When I checked my booking on the website it said that my flight was already booked. 
Has my fee been waived on account of the circumstances?
If not, as I am unable to get pounds sterling would I be able to pay with dollars at the airport of use my debit card? Or better yet pay online somehow?

Thank you for your time 
Carolynne Johnston”

I got no response in over a week. I resent the email and after 5 days I got response saying they couldn’t help me. I should phone their customer services. 
After I did so I was forced to send this:

"This is the 3rd email I have sent explaining this situation. 
No I will not call your customer service hotline because I just did 5 times and every time the same thing happened. I was put on hold for 10 minutes then someone who was not fluent in english asked for my booking number and that is as far as I ever got as they either immediately hung up on me or started talking to someone else in their own language. Completely forgetting about me. 
This has become ridiculous.

My problem is that I was forced to change my return flight as my original return flight was after the 90 day visa waiver program. 
I was told that I would need to pay £100 at the airport before I left.
My question is, is there a way for me to pay this online or at the airport via debit card as it would be hard for me to get British currency here.

I’m sorry to be so curt, but I have flown many times before and I have never had trouble like this.
My flight was cancelled, Then delayed, The entertainment system was faulty, There were no power outlets for economy customers, The leg room is a joke as is your customer service.

I suggest that you rectify this as I am already thinking of never flying British Airways again and advising my friends to do the same.”

After only 2 days this time I got another response saying they couldn’t help me and to contact customer services.

I then sent this email:

"No I will not contact your customer services because I am sick of British Airways wasting my time.

This is now the 4th email I’ve sent and you are asking me to call your services a 6th time.

All I wanted to know was if I had a way of paying my balance online. A very simple question. An even simpler one was with what method I could pay at the airport.

Well never mind. I am just going to get a money transfer and pay in american currency at the airport.

I am disgusted by this customer care and you can rest assured I am going to tell every single person I know about your terrible services and unhelpful staff.

This is the first and most definitely the last time I will ever fly with British Airways.”

So yeah unless they do something amazing to change my mind I am completely done with them.
Sorry for the rant.